Centralize digital media efforts and service franchisees at the same time

Jumbo needed to centralize digital media efforts while being able to service its franchisees on a digital level. We integrated our technology in Jumbo’s Local Marketing Tool and made programmatic advertising easily and countrywide available to approx. 400 franchisees and 300 store managers. This successful API integration decreased operational set-up times by 65% and uplifted local budgets by 23%.

“Adcombi makes it possible for Jumbo Supermarkets to deploy local campaigns with maximum relevance for 700 stores. The Adcombi tool offers the possibility to deploy customized hyperlocal programmatic campaigns in a fully automated manner in large numbers. Moreover, via Jumbo's Local Marketing Tool, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily deploy local online campaigns themselves.”

Monique Pennings
Marketing – Manager Media & Partnerships

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