Serve Engagement with Ads Tailored to Real-Time Conditions Like Weather & Traffic

Drive increases in click-through-rate with always-relevant ads, tailored in real-time by weather, traffic, and other real-world data via our API.

Adcombi’s mission has always been to deliver more ad impact with less marketer investment. That’s why we offer proprietary software to create local digital ads in multi-national and multi-location campaigns. But, serving location-relevant ads isn’t always enough. Sometimes, you have to tailor ads to situations you can’t control. Like the weather. Or traffic. Or major sporting events.

The thing is, no one wants to buy a raincoat when it’s 20C and sunny. No one wants ice cream when temps drop below 5C and it’s raining. Real-world conditions make a lot of difference in what and how people want their products – so your ads should cater to that. And, if you can’t control the real world, the solution is to control your ads.

Automatically Tailor Ads to Drive Engagement

Adcombi uses an API to link data to your ads. You can then use triggers to decide which ads show based on which real-world data. Some easy examples include our weather app integration. Or, routing and traffic information. Our users have already been integrating live wayfinding into ads for some time – but now you can actually tell customers when they’re likely to be stuck in traffic. And, that’s important for hotels and restaurants, but also for shops selling physical goods while trying to provide a quality customer experience.

Most importantly, Adcombi is here to help you build a custom workflow inside our API. You tell us the data you want, and we’ll help you create new possibilities for your ads.

Push the Ads that Matter to the Consumer … and to Your Organization

Context-driven ad-buying allows you to create better and more relevant ads. For example, a car dealership can seamlessly shift between showing ads for cars highlighting air conditioning and soft tops, to offering free winter tire upgrades to new and existing customers based on nothing more than outdoor temperatures. But, it doesn’t have to be all about the consumer.

For example, we have customers that connect our ad platform to their inventory management. When inventory drops, the platform shifts focus to another product – to avoid advertising something that might run out of stock. That avoids customer disappointment. And, vice versa, when products are overstocked, the program can focus ads on the products in question, helping the store to avoid waste and extra costs. That’s been possible with digital signage for menu boards for some time, but now that same feature extends to digital ads across every platform you serve on. And, Adcombi offers ad customization especially relevant to restaurants, grocery, and quick service. For example, you can combine time slots with weather data to create hundreds of ad variations, serving contextually relevant ads for ice cream, coffee, breakfast, etc., based on local time and weather.

Plus, you can use this same technology to drive real engagement and a sense of need. E.g., set a real-time product counter, showing actual inventory at location for discounts and sale products. The customer will understand the urgency of buying now when stock runs low – and you’ll greatly reduce the risk of unhappy customers who just missed out. Of course, that requires having your Point of Sale connected to Adcombi – but if you’re already using a smart POS, that’s relatively simple to set up.

The Tech Information

Adcombi’s technology makes it easy to create pre-built ads, across all your locations. Every individual location can have its own line item on the DSP with its own budget – while utilizing your resources to ensure national-level continuity across campaigns. You use pre-built ads, linked to location – which are then tailored based on third-party data pulled in by the API, and filtered by triggers set up in a workflow. Essentially, you get hundreds of ad variations, and the API pushes the data the DSP needs to serve them.

Adcombi uses a REST API with a Swagger UI documentation, using JSON responses. While this API is open to use, we advise you to get in touch with Adcombi to define your endpoint usage workflow – which will reduce total development time, and make coding easier for your team. That simplifies the full process, so you can get your API up and running as quickly as possible.

Targeting ads based on factors like weather, inventory, products, time of day, etc., is a powerful factor in conversion. In fact, when combined with a call to action and location data, we've seen ad engagement go up by 60% or more. After all, when you see an ad and it points you to a local shop, complete with directions and traffic advisory, and is contextually relevant to the weather – you have that much more reason to click.

If you want to know more, contact us for a technical demo or to ask more questions.

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