Adcombi 2021 in Retrospect

A lot has happened over the last year, and at Adcombi, 2021 has been a year of growth, expanding our market reach, and introducing new technologies.

A lot has happened over the last year, and at Adcombi, 2021 has been a year of growth, expanding our market reach, and introducing new technologies. This includes new hires and our new CEO, a new website, and new additions to our platform and technology.

New Faces on the Adcombi Team

On April 1st, Adcombi welcomed our new CEO, Auke Boersma to the team. With his guidance, Adcombi has shifted direction towards our ad-tech solutions, completed a rebrand, and launched our new website,

We’ve also welcomed other new faces:

  • Martine Zijstra as the new head of Operations & Customer Success
  • Erwin Herber joined the Operations & Customer Success team
  • Eva Roos joined the Customer Success DACH team
  • Roman Druzhinin in the Engineering team
  • Björn Jander joined the Business Dev DACH team
  • Max Miszowski joined the Business Dev DACH team
  • Christian van Loon in Business Dev BNL Team
  • Jeroen Berkhemer in Business Dev BNL Team

This growth will allow us to continue to grow as we move into 2022.

Delivering Ads for International Clients

Our largest success in 2021 has been our projects with clients and their marketing campaigns. For example, in the DACH region, we delivered a first-of-its kind local digital advertising campaign across 7 channels, for 800+ local BVR banks. We onboarded Offerista and AX Regio, as well as taking on large and influential marketing campaigns for food discounters and for the German SPD, which went on to win the national elections in Germany.

In our BNL branch, we onboarded retail giants like Blokker, NVM, Rituals, Toolstation, Bouwmaat, and others. These include connections with new brands like T-Mobile and KPN, as well as connections with Agencies like Dept and large corporates like Dentsu and GHG.

Internationally, we successfully launched our first ICA campaign in Sweden in July. We built relationships with clients, completed projects, and created contacts with IPG, GroupM, and Xaxis.

Tooling and Process

Adcombi is working to implement better processing and tooling, internally, and for our clients. In 2021, that included revamping our roadmap, moving to Hubspot CRM, and GTMHub. These building blocks, which are intended to contribute to operational excellence in 2022, also include standardized documentation across operations and customer success teams. This includes Asana as a project tool to onboard and manage new client projects. These technologies will allow us to offer better documentation and data visibility for clients as we move into the next year.

Our Technology

2021 has been a big year for Adcombi’s technical capabilities. This year we introduced polygon targeting with support for the Netherlands and Germany, which is already on version 3. We also integrated Regional postal code and proximity/radius targeting into DV360. And, for the first time, we onboarded clients directly to Adcombi Technology rather than DV360.

  • Polygon targeting
  • DV360 integration for Regional and Proximity/Radius targeting
  • Extended postcode targeting to Denmark, Finland, and Austria
  • Rails upgrade
  • Infrastructural upgrades in the platform to provide our customers with more reliable experience
  • Improved data report imports for better data access
  • Improved job status feedback for API users

Overall, 2021 was a year of growth and reaching new heights. We’ve set the stage for further growth in 2022, with opportunities to deliver our ad-tech across national and international brands across Europe.

Thank you for joining us for the year and Happy Holidays!

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