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At Adcombi, we've always been excited about what we can do with our hyperlocal ad technology.

Adcombi Features & Roadmap

Adcombi’s hyperlocal ad technology is in use by some of the largest advertisers on the planet, with brands like Coca Cola, Heineken, and others leveraging our ability to target individual zip codes with a precision not allowed by most DSPs, alongside our automation technology, allowing you to set up a nearly unlimited number of line items on the DSP – saving as much as 80% of time over manual setup.

We’ve expanded on that significantly over the last year, with a shift towards a software-as-a-service delivery model – which will allow us to offer a more modular feature-set – so our clients can choose the features they need and use.

Hyperlocal Advertising – Our Current Feature Set

Adcombi’s platform allows you to set up ads on the DSP, linked to a custom location or Point of Sale, and pulling custom resources and location-specific data per area. Our automation feature allows you to set up these line items in a fraction of the time of doing the work manually, while polygon targeting means you can target ads to zip codes and sales areas with much more precision to avoid wasting budget.

Location management

Location management allows brands to upload their point-of-sale locations, complete with data such as address, route information, custom brand logos, and custom resources. Here, you can import data from an existing PoS document or ask brand owners to log in and upload data individually. Adcombi can also advise and assist you on pulling content from the web, so that every location has the same data.

Location management also allows you to grant access rights, set min/max spends per user, and to define environment, pricing, and duration of ads per location.

Polygon targeting

Brand owners can set a location range per point of sale, with either a standard location radius or a location polygon. Here, you choose the zipcode you want to advertise in, which Adcombi translates to the DSP using a series of small radii to cover as much of the zip code as possible –without overflow. This can reduce ad waste by as much as 30%, because you aren’t bidding for ads that fall outside of the zip code location.

Ad resources

Every PoS location gets its own creatives – either pre-made graphics and video or custom locations, route data, or real-time data feeds. Ad resources allow unique locations to display unique ads, complete with their own local pricing, offers, and discounts. That allows for customization based on what the location is offering, unique route and location data, and even local traffic or weather.


During the bid phase, we use our GeoSafety feature to improve location targeting despite GDPR. With GDPR in place, all but the last digits of an IP address are hashed. You can’t see more location data until after you win the bid. That’s why Adcombi’s technology re-checks the location and then updates the local resources attached to the ad – or delivers a fallback, generic ad when the location doesn’t match after winning the bid.

Our Roadmap

A lot is going on at Adcombi and we’re proud to share our roadmap of upcoming features. The first and most important of these shifts is that we are moving towards a Software-as-a-Service delivery model, which will allow our software to be used in a modular fashion. You pay for the features you need and nothing else.

We’re also working on:

  • Google Business Extension – Integrating Google Business Data allows advertisers to pull existing data from Google Business. This includes location, photos, logos, route, etc., which will save even more time over setting up locations manually.
  • PoS Reports – It's important that brands be able to deliver custom reports to brand owners at the Point of Sale. That’s why we’re working on a new PoS report format to ensure you can deliver necessary and relevant data to those brand owners.
  • Ad Triggers – Our platform already integrates real-time data feeds, so it makes sense for us to use rule-driven logic to update ads in real-time. That’s why we’re working on an If This Then That integration, to allow marketers to set custom display rules around weather, traffic, time of day, queue length, or anything else you have a data feed for.

We’re also working on new partner integrations, which will allow us to offer more and better customer data to our users, although some of these are available on a limited location basis. For example, in the Netherlands we’re partnering with Resono, so marketers can see which areas (zip codes) customers are coming from. That data should allow you to make better decisions regarding targeting, budget allocation, and audience. Other partnerships will allow us to enhance our zip code databases with targeting data, customer profiles, and data on average resident household size, income, etc.

Adcombi is working to enable localized and personalized advertising on the DSP. Our goal is to enable personalized, hyper-local programmatic advertising, with our feature-set, our roadmap, and our internal expertise.

If you’d like to learn more or would like to set up a call to discuss features, roadmaps, or possibilities, get in touch.

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