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We enable multilocation brands to service an
unlimited number of locations with customized,
hyperlocal programmatic campaigns.

  • Automate the entire set-up for thousands of customized programmatic campaigns for big brands with local needs, without losing the required local relevance
  • Significantly reduce the workload when running large numbers while maintaining full control over budgets, visuals and reporting

Our hyperlocal
solution for you

  • Advertisement will be delivered at locations that matter to your brand and consumer
  • Our hyperlocal advertising solution lets you accurately manage your ad delivery for multiple locations at once
  • Infinite personalised and localised messaging and advertising with minimal effort
  • Save up to 82% in time and resources setting up large amounts of line items, freeing up talent for other projects or strategic work

Further services we provide that will boost your Hyperlocal campaigns

Premium Local

Make sure your brand and message comes across in the ideal context by selecting the best combination of quality domains, audience-targeting and brand safety filters. Through our relationship with premium publishers and data providers, we offer a high-quality control of the placement of your ads.

Dynamic ads

The more personal, the better. That’s where dynamic ads come in. Incorporate the logo and location of your nearest dealer. Include the local weather forecasts, a bespoke and dynamic call-to-action or directions from Google maps. Retarget customers with products they have shown interest in. All without any manual work on your side, thanks to our multi-technology.

Dynamic Video

Make your in-stream or out-stream video more relevant by seamlessly weaving in dynamic content like dealer names, locations or logo’s. Or even better, change the whole video itself by showing different clips depending on where, when or to whom it is shown.

Footfall measurement

Footfall measurement offers a new way to connect display advertising with real-life store traffic. It allows you to track an impression leading to an actual store visit. Not only does this increase valuable insights into campaign and consumer behaviour, it also manages cost much better.

API support

Our API support makes it possible to implement programmatic buying to your own marketing platform or tools. This way, you can purchase display campaigns, along with any other media buying, from any (custom) interface. Build your own implementation that allows you to setup, manage and monitor display campaigns the way you want, or use it to offer buying options to your dealers, franchises or outlets individually.

Choose the solution that
matches your needs

Whether you are a brand or an agency, we have our Adcombi hyperlocal solution ready for
you, any way you want to. Benefit our technology and create local impact on a global scale.


  • Franchisees and store managers control and manage their advertising needs

  • Local individualized advertising per location is in line with national brand guidelines

  • Benefit from the various subscription models and receive automated insights


  • You are in full control of your hyperlocal advertising activities

  • You can easily integrate hyperlocal into your omni-channel strategies

  • You can utilize your media-buying, data usage and campaign optimization capabilities


  • Fully managed from planning to optimization and reporting

  • We can include your tracking, so our efforts are part of your total campaign set up

  • You can focus on other parts of the (digital) advertising exercise, while we unburden you

Assisted Self Service

Connect with the Adcombi UI while using your own resources to run your campaigns. If needed, you can always benifit from our campaign managers.

Managed Service

Dedicated experts come up with the ultimate strategy to reach and exceed your expected marketing goals. They will handle set-up and management of your custom campaigns from the ground up. Through our intelligent dashboards and reports you are kept up to date with detailed insights about performance and progress.

Full Self Service

Easily set up and manage budgets, strategies and creatives for all your stores, dealers, agents and offices using smart templates and intelligent dashboards while maintaining control over each and every single campaign. Keep ads brand compliant while personalizing ads with address information, dealer logos, location-specific information and other dynamic content.

Your solution if you:

  • Have in-house talent capabilities or a dedicated agency
  • Want to optimize your internal operational processes
  • Operate an integrated proprietary technology stack
  • Want to run a trial or A/B test
  • Don't have the internal resources to run hyperlocal, programmatic campaigns
  • Need a quick turnaround time or ad-hoc assistance with campaigns
  • Offer a centralized partner platform
  • Want to give their franchisees full insights in the results of their hyperlocal advertising campaigns


  • Full control of your hyperlocal advertising activities
  • Integrate hyperlocal into your omni-channel strategies
  • Utilize your media-buying-, data usage and campaign optimization capabilities
  • Fully managed
  • Tracking is included
  • Local individualized advertising per location is in line with national brand guidelines
  • Franchisees and store managers control and manage their advertising needs
  • Benefit from the various subscription models and receive automated insights


We have a percentage, volume-based technology fee model. Alternatively, we offer a SaaS model for various subscription-based services.

Fully anticipating on your campaign goals, we operate on an all-inclusive CPM, CPC or other buying metric method.

We operate on a percentage technology fee model, based on volume. Looking for a different pricing plan? We also offer a SaaS model for various subscription-based services.

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Our customized solutions fit any business requirement for directing customers to local shops worldwide. We are DSP independant and link directly into any advertising ecosystem. Take a look at our recent cases to see how we service the world’s biggest ánd smaller advertisers and agencies.


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